Argentina Inflation

Survey finds that Argentines anticipate a slowdown in inflation over the next 12 months

The University of Torcuato Di Tella has released a study on inflation expectations, and it predicts a rate of 170% in the coming year. A new survey found that Argentines predict inflation to be 170.8% next year, which is down over 60 percentage points from the previous forecast made a month ago. The Universidad Torcuato … Read more

Inflation Argentina

In Javier Milei’s first full month, the rate of inflation in Argentina declines.

In his first full month in office, President Javier Milei proceeded to impose portions of his shock therapy economic strategy, which resulted in a monthly slowdown in Argentina’s consumer prices. January’s inflation fell to 20.6 percent from a month earlier, little less than the 21 percent predicted by economists. Prices increased by 254.2 percent from … Read more

Argentina Inflation

Analysts say Argentina’s inflation will overshoot government targets

Private estimates agree that prices are likely to rise 20% in the first quarter of 2022, with inflation set to accelerate next month, pushing Sergio Massa’s stated 3% target for April way out of reach. Food prices in Argentina shot up again in February, overheating the consumer price index and pushing the national government further … Read more