Inflation Argentina

In Javier Milei’s first full month, the rate of inflation in Argentina declines.

In his first full month in office, President Javier Milei proceeded to impose portions of his shock therapy economic strategy, which resulted in a monthly slowdown in Argentina’s consumer prices. January’s inflation fell to 20.6 percent from a month earlier, little less than the 21 percent predicted by economists. Prices increased by 254.2 percent from … Read more

President Javier Milei

Milei seeks to increase number of Argentines paying income tax

President Javier Milei will propose new rules to increase the number of Argentines paying income tax as part of a strategy to shore up government finances, according to two government officials familiar with the plan. The proposal that will be sent to Congress on Tuesday establishes that individuals making more than 1.3 million pesos (US$1,583) … Read more