Banco Central, Argentina

Argentina’s central bank has dropped rates to 80% as inflation falls.

Unexpectedly, the central bank lowered the benchmark interest rate in anticipation of a slowdown in inflation. Amidst decreasing monthly inflation and the peso’s continued appreciation against the US dollar in parallel markets, the Central Bank of Argentina made an unexpected decision to decrease its benchmark interest rate from 100% to 80%. The monetary authority explained … Read more

Argentina Debt

Argentina Economy – Eye of a perfect storm

Spenders and savers in Argentina are in for a nightmare this month and next as the economy experiences a rare time of abnormality. The primary goal of the first hundred days of Alberto Fernández’s presidency, which now seem like another century, was to revive the country by forming a socioeconomic council consisting of the conventional … Read more

Argentina Inflation

Argentine consumers see precipitous declines in spending as a result of the Milei reduction

The biggest employer in Argentina, small and medium-sized enterprises saw their spending fall 25.5% year-over-year in February, continuing a streak of double-digit declines. As Argentina sinks further into recession due to President Javier Milei’s austerity measures, consumers have little choices for protecting themselves against spiraling prices. Argentine business organization CAME released statistics on Sunday evening … Read more

Argentina Inflation

Survey finds that Argentines anticipate a slowdown in inflation over the next 12 months

The University of Torcuato Di Tella has released a study on inflation expectations, and it predicts a rate of 170% in the coming year. A new survey found that Argentines predict inflation to be 170.8% next year, which is down over 60 percentage points from the previous forecast made a month ago. The Universidad Torcuato … Read more

Agriculture Land

How the secrets of Argentina’s wealthiest landowners were exposed

Months of research led to the compilation of this list of the 20 largest landowners in Argentina. Its stated goal is to set the stage for the continuing discussion of land ownership and the government’s effort to remove regulations limiting foreign ownership. Disputes have flared up again in Argentina following President Javier Milei’s recent effort … Read more