Argentina Inflation

Survey finds that Argentines anticipate a slowdown in inflation over the next 12 months

The University of Torcuato Di Tella has released a study on inflation expectations, and it predicts a rate of 170% in the coming year. A new survey found that Argentines predict inflation to be 170.8% next year, which is down over 60 percentage points from the previous forecast made a month ago. The Universidad Torcuato … Read more

Agriculture Land

How the secrets of Argentina’s wealthiest landowners were exposed

Months of research led to the compilation of this list of the 20 largest landowners in Argentina. Its stated goal is to set the stage for the continuing discussion of land ownership and the government’s effort to remove regulations limiting foreign ownership. Disputes have flared up again in Argentina following President Javier Milei’s recent effort … Read more

Argentina Soup Kitchen

Less money and more hunger: Argentina’s soup kitchens tally rations

The cooks at an Argentine soup kitchen are concerned that their meager supply of pasta will not be sufficient to fill the empty plastic containers left by hungry guests. Carina López, 50, is the manager of ‘Las hormiguitas viajeras’, a community dining hall in Loma Hermosa, a disadvantaged neighborhood in San Martín, north of Buenos … Read more

Inflation Argentina

In Javier Milei’s first full month, the rate of inflation in Argentina declines.

In his first full month in office, President Javier Milei proceeded to impose portions of his shock therapy economic strategy, which resulted in a monthly slowdown in Argentina’s consumer prices. January’s inflation fell to 20.6 percent from a month earlier, little less than the 21 percent predicted by economists. Prices increased by 254.2 percent from … Read more

In January, Buenos Aires City’s inflation rate was 21.7%.

Buenos Aires City’s inflation increased to 21.7% last month due to increases in food, fuel, and transportation costs, according to City Hall. According to January data from City Hall’s Statistics and Census Directorate, consumer prices have increased by 238.5 percent in the previous year. According to the government agency’s data, inflation picked up steam last … Read more