On the verge of another nervous breakdown?

The past few weeks have been the best for the Alberto Fernández administration in quite some time, giving the embattled president and his Cabinet a little breathing room. They better not pat themselves on the back just yet though, as this relative calm is not destined to last. As usual in Argentina, the value of … Read more

Blue dollar soars again to close week at 178 pesos

Argentina’s infamous “blue” dollar picked up pace again on Friday, rising a further seven pesos to hit a new record of 178 pesos, 129 percent ahead of the official exchange rate. Amid continued financial uncertainty the parallel, black market exchange rate had remained quiet until midweek before climbing four pesos on Thursday with hardly anybody … Read more

Argentina goes all-in to cut record gap with parallel peso

Argentina is resorting to all necessary means to reduce the gap between its official and parallel exchange rates. South America’s second-largest economy has employed a combination of orthodox and unusual measures to recover a monetary imbalance that has reached record levels. The more traditional methods include slowing the issuance of money, raising interest rates and … Read more