Corn up to US$5 a bushel and soybeans spike

Maize climbed to US$ 5 a bushel and soybeans rallied for a sixth day, driving both crops to fresh six-year highs, as farmer protests and dry weather in South America threaten to further tighten supplies. Grain markets surged in the past month on adverse weather and as some nations moved to restrict exports to ensure … Read more

Shift to protectionism riles Argentina’s farmers

A ban on maize exports in Argentina is fanning fear among farmers and traders that one of the world’s top food suppliers is returning to an era of brutal meddling in crop markets. The measure creates yet another driver for surging global grain futures, given Argentina is the third-largest shipper of maize, and stokes concern … Read more

Agricultural producers begin three-day strike

Agricultural producers in Argentina began a three-day strike on Monday in rejection of the government’s move to suspend maize exports for the next two months. The so-called ‘paro agrario’ went ahead despite a last-minute intervention from the government, which lifted the block and replaced it with a daily sales cap on corn exports as the … Read more

Economy Ministry takes steps to relieve pressure on currency markets

The Economy Ministry on Monday announced new measures to reduce the pressures on volatile currency markets and ward off devaluation, basically by bolstering the alternatives other than the official exchange rate to a surging “blue” parallel dollar. The main innovation overturns mid-September capital controls imposed by the Central Bank to cut the so-called “parking” interval … Read more