Should he stay or should he go?

How long will he last? First, he suffered a last second modification to the 2021 budget which increased the fiscal deficit substantially. Then, he was forced to swallow a sudden change to the formula used to calculate retiree and pension payments, further increasing pressure on already strained government coffers, orchestrated by none other than Senate … Read more

Too cool for school, or too hot?

With classroom education dead in the water all last year save the odd hinterland rural school and with teacher unions threatening this new year by making the perfect the enemy of the good in demanding blanket vaccination among other protocols before returning to work, why is a drastic educational reform not given the same prominence … Read more

Grain means pain, corn meets scorn

Maize in a maze would be as good a way as any of describing the government’s slapdash suspension of corn exports early in this new year, only to retreat before mid-January in the face of a fairly toothless farm stoppage – with so much lockdown, we can do without lockout.  At first sight this futile … Read more

Dozens of nations miss deadline to boost climate ambition

More than half the world’s nations failed to submit upgraded commitments by year’s end to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, straggling behind the schedule of accelerated climate ambitions set out in the Paris Agreement. Almost every country on the planet signed up to the 2015 Paris deal, which calls for capping global warming at “well … Read more

UN slashes LatAm economic slowdown projection

The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean on Wednesday slashed its projection for the region’s GDP fall for 2020 from 9.1 to 7.7 percent. ECLAC said the gradual reopening of economies shut down to combat the coronavirus pandemic and financial help for families and businesses, especially in the region’s largest economy Brazil, … Read more

Argentina seeking US$5 billion from multilateral banks for 2021

Shunned in global financial markets, Argentina is seeking about US$ 5 billion for next year from multilateral organisations other than the International Monetary Fund as it negotiates a larger refinancing programme with the Washington-based lender, according to three people familiar with the plans. Alberto Fernández’s administration is looking to institutions including the Inter-American Development Bank … Read more

Ship line-up swells as soy crushers extend strike

A strike that’s snarled Argentina’s soybean industry will continue during the Christmas holidays, further delaying 170 ships currently waiting at ports. Soybean crushers at export plants agreed to extend a strike over wages during the Christmas season, according to a statement on the website of union group Federacion Aceitera. The strike, which has been going … Read more