Inflation Argentina

Inflation in Argentina hits 64% year-on-year

Argentina’s runaway inflation rate stole the headlines once again this week when the INDEC statistics bureau revealed that consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in more than three decades in June. Prices jumped 5.3 percent last month, fractionally up on May’s 5.1 percent and making for an annual inflation of 64 percent, according to … Read more

Consulting firms in Buenos Aires are predicting that Argentines face the prospect of 90% inflation by year end.

Argentines face the prospect of 90 percent inflation by year end after the economy minister’s exit triggered overnight price rises and the Central Bank comes under pressure to let the peso depreciate more rapidly. That would be the fastest pace since hyperinflation three decades ago, and the highest rate in the world outside Venezuela and … Read more

Overnight 20% price jump supercharges Argentina’s inflation crisis

On Sunday morning, Argentines woke up early and rushed to the grocery store, the bakery, the liquor store, the mall, wherever they could go to stock up fast. The night before a political bombshell had dropped: the economy minister, Martín Guzmán, had suddenly resigned. And Argentines, long accustomed to financial chaos, knew the current crisis … Read more

Blue Dollar Note

Blue dollar continues to rise amid financial turbulence

Financial turbulence hit Argentina on Tuesday as the US dollar climbed to a record high of 239 per peso on parallel exchange markets. The so-called ‘blue’ dollar was selling for 242 in some provinces nationwide, according to reports, maintaining its rising trend for the third consecutive day. So far, the unofficial rate has risen by … Read more